Vedic Astrology 101:
You are a STAR CHILD!
You are made of STAR DUST!





It feels good to know that we are made of STAR DUST! :)

It reminds me how powerful I am.

How lovable  I am.

How valuable I am.

How free I am.

We are not just bodies. We are spirits. And we are immortal.

We have infinite capabilities.

Our past is infinite.

And our future is infinite.

We have LOVE connections with everything in the universe whether we know it or not.

Our vibrations are connected, affect and are affected by everything that we ever loved, and that we ever been together,  and that we ever thought important.

The human race does not have the details of this long journey of the spirit, but we have discovered thousands of years ago, in all parts of this planet that something in the stars is connected with us.

They can effect us.

That much we have discovered. :)

In all races, in all places, by all wise people, this was confirmed.

(Remember the 3 wise men in Bible? :) )

just-constelationsAstrology is the current name of it.

And I must say, I use sidereal astrology which I consider as ‘closest’ to the truth of the stars.

Sidereal means related to the STARS. It comes from Latin ‘sider’ which means star.


How did I come to choose Sidereal Astrology?

With my astronomical app, I was looking at the stars, planets, the Sun and the Moon AND I was surprised to see them NOT where they should be according to the regular Astrology.

And I got curious! :)

After some long study, I came to the conclusion that MY Astrology should follow the REAL and ACTUAL positions of the planets and stars rather than being fixed and decided.

It turns out, the Vedic Astrology and Sidereal Astrology follow the constellation positions as exactly as science and observation permits.

So, my studies followed Vedic direction from there on.


signs460x460And if you are still with me, :)  let me give you a few basic information:

Vedic Astrology 101

Yes, there are 12 star signs as we all know.

In space, the Sun, our planet, the moon, the stars and other planets, they all keep turning and it is like a dance party, everybody is dancing and turning about and having a nice time.

It is quite difficult to look at this dance and understand astrology from that view.

But if we keep the earth as our observation point, if you look up from the earth to the stars and the rest, something pretty simple is immediately noticed.

sun Every day, the Sun seems to be located together with a fixed group of stars. It goes up and down together with those group of stars as if it is its house. And this changes gradually about 1 degree per day. So it moves from sign to sign about in one month.

That means the Sun moves through the signs, one sign per month and  a full turn in 12 months, 360 degrees.

So this is how we decide what your sign is. The location of the Sun on your birth day. It is called person’s Sun sign.


There is also the Moon doing a very similar dance but faster.

The Moon changes from sign to sign every 2.5 days and in one month it completes a full turn of 360 degrees. It travels all signs in one month.

Every single day, the Moon moves 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

When we multiply this with 27, we reach to 360 degrees.

That means there are 27 signs in which the Moon travels and stays ONE DAY in each.

One star group per day.

We can call them MOON SIGNS or MOON HOUSES. :)

Moon is the nearest heavenly object and its effects on us, on our body, on our moods, on the oceans etc. are HUGE!

For this reason your Moon sign and Moon stars are the most important signs and stars.

It determines your Life Periods.

With these periods, It is even possible to predict when you would marry, when you’d have children or if you’d have them and when you could have a big change in  your life, your career, your health, even your spirituality.

This is the reason why sometimes Jupiter’s, or Saturn’s or Sun’s or any planet’s expected result doesn’t come to fruition.

Because it is not ripe yet.

The life periods tell us WHEN the events are fruitful. (There are periods and sub-periods. They both determine the events and the times it is  ripe for the fruits of our lives.)

If you want to learn more about your CURRENT life periods, and what you can expect during these times, see our services below. We have a specific one just about life periods.


earth-sun-rising460x460And let’s not forget that the exact BIRTH TIME is very important.

WHY the exact birth time is important?

Because the rising sign on the horizon determines ALL the other signs’ position in your chart by becoming the FIRST sign.

It is as if the spirit and the body it incarnates are both pinned by these stars and planets at the time of the first breath.

This always reminds me the way Gulliver was pinned down with many threads. :)

Yes, you are a giant spirit, pinned down into this material universe. And in order to get rid of those prisoning threads, all we have to do is to understand them.

All these threads will dissolve with understanding and love.

And to understand and love, it is best to study and improve our knowledge and know our pins and threads and love them unconditionally! :)

After figuring out our first sign, then we can know the positions of the other signs  as they determine what part of your life they are setting the stage for.

For example the second house is about money, early childhood, speech, values.
For example the seventh house is all about spouse, partner, contracts, personal and business partnership, etc.


The Planets and HOW TO decipher the destiny of a person (if no free will added to the situation)

And after the stage is set, there comes the players, the heavenly bodies. (We call all of them planets even though we know that the Sun, the Moon and the nodes are not planets. :))

To decipher the life of the person, all the planets need to be checked for:

  • which of the 12 signs they are in,
  • which of the 27 signs they are in,
  • and what house they are in,
  • where is the ruler of the sign they are in,
  • which planets are aspecting them,
  • karmic control points (north and south node of the Moon)
  • plus the current life periods ,
  • and current transits and events in the sky.

The CURRENT TRANSITS are the signs, degrees and houses all the planets are currently in, in the sky! 

I love using my apps to check the current location of the planets and also looking up at night and simply observing them with my own eyes.

scorpio-copyThat’s what the wise people who taught us Astrology exactly did when they first wrote and taught about Astrology.

At the moment (September 2016) Saturn is in Scorpio and VERY NEAR the star called Antares.

This star is the star of war.

Can you feel its effects?

In your own life or in the world?

If you have a planet there in your birth chart, it may feel much more intense!

When a planet transits over your natal planet, it will trigger things or an event, so I find it very useful to keep an eye on the planets in the sky and follow them to see if they are triggering any planets in the birth chart.

That said, let me also explain how I use Astrology to empower myself:

Basically I use Astrology to understand myself and others.

And I know that I AM bigger than the planets or the stars. I AM stronger than the planets and stars.

I truly believe that we are made of STARDUST! And even before that, WE made the starts. (of course I am referring to that POWERFUL SPIRIT that WE ARE!  :) )

How powerful is that.

Knowing where we are, how we have entered into the physical universe, (and you can say that it IS kind of matrix) and also knowing its effect (if we don’t use our free will and power) and living the best life I can live.

Yes, knowing the current transits help us understand what is happening in the world and let’s not forget, there are 7 billion people and how many people are living a conscious  life? So it is good to know what THEIR DESTINY is taking them with all of their unconscious  choices. Living together with them will also affect us if we don’t take some conscious and knowing decisions.

If you want to learn more about which CURRENT transits affecting your life, and what you can expect during these times, see our services below. We have a specific one just for the transits.


And last but not least, THE 27 STAR GROUPS!

These are the 27 signs within the 12 signs, marked and divided by the Moon’s travel.

Moon stays ONE day in each of those 27 signs and that makes 27 days one month.

They give us BIG CLUES about ourselves, our karma, and why we do things the way we do.

Why things are the way they are. People in our lives.

These 27 star signs are so interesting and I think they are truly what makes Vedic Astrology so unique and powerful.

The signs you have a planet, or ascendant or nodes are the grids in your universe, so it is both fun and useful to learn about them.

They give us information about your karma, destiny, and people around you.



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